pic: 1511 Keeper Ringer Spoiler Shirts!!


For Rochester Rally & the rest of the year, 1511 is selling these great shirts!! They pose the interesting question… which are you? Are you a Keeper? Or perhaps a Spoiler? Or definitely a Ringer!?!
Check out http://www.penfieldrobotics.com/tshirts/ for details!!

Ahhhh!!! First the ducks, then the hidden camo eggs, and now some awesome shirts!!!

1511 is going to make me go crazy this year!!! LOL

I may just have to come to Ra-Cha-Cha Rukus this year just to get some shirts in bulk (and to party of course, and have that special plate of food that’s from Rochester which name escapes me at the moment but have heard about and want to try)… LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot to note… you can pay by paypal too!!

If you arent going to Atlanta, or dont live in Rochester, we can ship them to you. By tomorrow we will also add in the option to pay for shipment to your location (approximated average cost).

Lol Garbage Plate… or Trash Plate is what you are thinking of Elgin!

YES!!! That’s what I was thinkin’ of!!!

Gotta get my hands (or mouth in this case I guess) on one of them Garbage/Trash plates one of these days… lol

Although that’s not the most flattering name for a meal, I guess it works. :rolleyes:

Nick Tahoes changed its name to something else just to let you, but they still have the Garbage Plates. I’m actually wearing my ringer shirt right now. I only need a spoiler to complete my collection.


If anyone put in orders last night/anytime before NOW, our email server wasnt forwarding us the information. PLEASE RESUBMIT!! :slight_smile: It should be working fine now (and for anyone wondering, we will contact you with the email you provide to get sizes).

Sorry for the inconvenience… I guess thats what happens when you do things late at night!

Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see any option on the site for picking a size. It might be rather awkward if one were to end up like I did at Mission Mayhem with a small shirt instead of my regular 2XL.

I like the idea, though!

If we got a picture of Billfred in his size small tee shirt, that would be a keeper. Wouldn’t spoil a thing and would be a dead ringer for an unofficial caption contest.

can we buy them right from the pits at nats in cash

Not according to FIRST. No concessions of any kinda are allowed at the Championship Event.

Do the shirts say anything on the back?

If you buy them from the website, is there somewhere to select whether you want them shipped to you? I’m not going to Atlanta, but I definately want one of these.

Ha ha I definitely have to get one of those – but which one???



EDIT: but - then you have to decide which.one.to.wear.

Thanks for covering that one, Barry.

The back is blank.

(Kim’s answer was earlier in the thread…)

If there are any questions when you place the order, you’ll have a chance to verify them when you get the request to pick your size.

Wear a spoiler shirt on top of a ringer shirt. Then you don’t have to decide.

this shirts are really nice, I wear mine all the time :slight_smile: they are super comfortable!

How about the spoiler ontop of a keeper, which makes the keeper and the rest useless. but we are talking about ellery here… :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw Mrs. Margaret Flowers with a “Keeper” shirt on at the VIP party on Saturday night.

That rocks.

Andy B.

I’ve got to get one of those!

Then all I’ll need is a Rack and Roll hat like Dave’s.:smiley: