pic: 1511 Presents Thunderous Prime


Rolling Thunder’s Logomotion bot - Thunderous Prime.

~6 Wheel Drive
~Roller End Effector
~Arm can pick up and place from both sides
~Really cool features you’ll hafta wait till competition to see :wink:

Why omni’s instead of standard 6wd drop center?

Beautiful sheet metal work. That plus the color scheme made me think of another named Prime…

My guess: Maneuverability plus smoother ride (no rocking). Unless you are planning on playing back & forth blocking defense (I know you are mastering that Akash :wink: ) I don’t see a major need for traverse friction.

Sorry but drop center was a terrible idea… whomever used it first. We used it our rookie year and were constantly fighting the rocking back and forth… it was a nightmare to program and really never provided a single advantage over this 6wd. This 6wd has been fielded in several competitions, turns on a dime, is fast and is incredibly powerful (it shoved several big name teams off the 2006 ramps!) I cant see any advantage to using drop wheel… ick!

I disagree, depends on the amount of rock plus your weight distribution.

Regardless, sick robot yet again, and if your driver is the same as last year you should be pretty dominant.

What’s the minibot deployment/climb speed?

Good luck at FLR and DC!

That is a topic that deserves its own thread if you wanna open that argument up, I know many people would have opinions and data to contribute.

From what I’m hearing one of your robots “cool” features isn’t something I will have to see at competition but hear?

How big was your drop?

can that arm rotate 270 degrees? i mean can you place on both sides?

Yes it places on both sides!
This gives the drivers even more options!

Sweet! Can’t wait to see it running full-bore!

How does the arm+claw store before the match?

1511, the robot looks awesome! I really like the alignment device for deployment.

I’d imagine it would have had to be something big, like 1/4"+ to have that much of a rock. We’ve used 3/16" and it rocked a bit, but not enough that it ever bothered me - now we’re using 1/8" and it doesn’t really rock at all, it just more or less puts most of the weight of the bot on 4 wheels instead of 6.

330 degrees :smiley:

We can place front side, or rear side. Kinda rocks - just needs some serious coordination!

AMAZING! definitely the winning configuration for a robot this year (Arm that can place on both sides) hope you guys did it good :slight_smile: cant wait to see it in action!

It’s folded up with the arm inside the robot, and the manipulator is just velcroed to the arm XD

So in autonomous (usually) everything flops out for the ubertube :slight_smile: