pic: 1511 Presents Thunderplucker

Here’s an older picture of the 2009 bot. But you get the idea. We can pick up off the ground or human loaded and the spinner at the top flips orbit balls into a goal or into the hopper. Trap doors at the bottom make sure of no jams at any time. 2 ball intake and 2 ball output.

What a beautiful robot.

217 better stay away from the thunderplucker. Bald chickens!

Very nice bot. I cant wait to see it in action.

Haha for those not aware, the idea for the pneumatic tubing came from a “chicken plucker” video…the name seemed appropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:

great so at the end of the season you guys can take the feathers off of chickens with your robot, sounds like a fundraiser bbq in the works. Just make sure to protect the electronics :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hungry now…