pic: 1515 Potential Operator's Interface

I realized I’ve never uploaded this one.
This is a KeyShot rendering of a design for an Operator’s Interface for 1515. It features our famous touchscreen interface built into a sleek anodized sheetmetal enclosure lit by LED strips. It is ultra lightweight and designed for quick assembly.

We may be building it sometime this week in time for the San Diego regional.

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I still love looking at your renders. I tried to use Keyshot before but it was only a trial version so it had watermarks all over the render.

This looks like a great driver station, Right now we only have a rectangle of extrusion with diamond plate, lexan over top for the laptop and controllers, and then blue and orange LEDs in the rails of extrusions to make it look good. We like it but it’s nothing compared to this.

Where did you get the touchscreen and do you know of any tutorials of programming it?

What are you using for the bottom side? Are the sheet metal pieces mounted on plywood or is it just sheet metal on the bottom aswell?

What are you using as a screen to project the internal LEDs into those lines?

Are the sides of the driver station open or is there sheet metal or acrylic?

I’m working on designing our driver station this year and was planning on using 16 gauge aluminum sheet metal and anodizing it. But we have no experience on designing driver stations and would love some pointers. Last 3 years we just have every thing Velcrod to 1/4 in plywood.

Wow! Great looking controls!