pic: 1515 Presents: Daedalus

• 2 Speed WCD (with WCP’s Dual Speed Shifters): 16 and 6 FPS
• 4x1.5" Colsons on WCP Bearing Blocks
• Drop-down ground/feeder intake
• 3-frisbee storage (via simple linear path)
• Dual-conveyor indexer
• 2-wheeled shooter using VersaPlanetary gearboxes and 3x1.5" Colsons
• Passive 10PT climbing mechanism
• Modular superstructure (detaches in under 3 minutes)
• Weight: 90 lb

So, why is there a wrench zip tied to your superstructure?

My guess: This is the wrench that allows them to detach/attach their superstructure in under three minutes. This way they don’t need to go looking for the correct size wrench

Cool looking bot, great photo!

I’d guess that they use it to put the robot into starting position, depending on how their rotating floor pickup works.

Our tilt mechanism is on a threaded rod, so we’re going to do the same thing.

I really like the simplicity and robustness. And 30 pounds underweight, I can see this thing going really fast.

The wrench is team tradition. In 2010 to add weight to the kicker, the team ziptied several dozen wrenches on (goodness knows why). Since then we have always placed a token wrench on the robot.

Of course, however, it is the 3/8" Wrench we’ve standardized throughout the design.