pic: 1515 Teaser

Here’s one of our waterjet parts for this year. Outer dimensions for the part are 19x9in. Guesses?

10 point climber!

Wedge to lower the bridge?

Definitely a minibot deployment alignment guide.

What did you use to do the fillets like that? Is bead/sand blasted?

The edges may just look like that because it was jetted. The surface looks like it was sent through a Time-saver though.

Grabber for the mobile goals?

Is it okay for me to guess if I’ve already seen the part name? :wink:

Obviously part of a trailer hitch.

wrong year :wink:

But the question is, who are you talking to? :rolleyes: We can’t all be wrong.

I think all of us being wrong was the point of the exercise.

Well, if that isn’t a triangle, then perspective tells me its WAY too long to fit in starting configuration.

I’m guessing its a truss for a small bridge that you’re putting on your robot for Frisbees to safely cross into a goal.

We water jet a lot of part but the edges don’t end up looking like that. The are typically very rough and square.

Those edges are actually from right off the waterjet. The finish is after a light application of a wire brush wheel. The apparent fillet is actually not a fillet; merely a discoloration. The edges are quite sharp. This happens on all our waterjet parts.

We started water jetting our frame parts last year and we love it: so clean, so precise, so light. Every year we take some rookies to go watch the parts being jetted at our sponsor’s manufacturing building, and it’s awesome.

Corner Climber? If there were two rails then I would be a bit more confident in this guess.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is it something that pushes down on the ground to angle the robot and make it parallel to the pyramid? We have one similar to this.

Is it for your shooter? If so I’m guessing the arm?