pic: 1516


I’d love to see a video of this unique looking design in action.

cool idea we were working on an idea like that too

Looking good guys. Team 20 was very successful with a similar design at BAE, can’t wait to see it in action at SVR!

Nice design, your wheels look a little… worn… you may want to clean them

Oh how far we’ve come…

Looks to me like they’ve actually covered the rear pairs in duct tape or similar to prevent wear.

very nice! we were tossing an idea like this around for a possible redesign

Nice job 1516. Seems to be simple yet effective! Any video of it in action?

I believe 2358 used a design similar to this at midwest, and it turned out to be a very fast, powerful dumper. I like how you incorporated the accumulator, though. Floor pick-up seems to be key this year. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more robots with this design. Nice job by 1516!


Some closer shots

:wink: WOW! Your Robot look’s alot like ours! And saying that, I LOVE your Design

Team 166 thought of that concept as well.

However, I don’t think that motor used to take the slack out of the canvas (or whatever it is) will be fast enough to be effective this year. The key is to be able to drop a ton of balls as quickly as possible.

If you could replace that motor with something faster, then you might perform better. This is all assuming that the one (keyang) motor is entirely responsible for removing the slack.

By the way, this is one of my favorite concepts. It simple, elegant, and can be extreme effective (see 20).

For perspective, our fabric spool is driven by two CIMs at a ~8:1 reduction and it takes about 2.5 seconds to empty. We’re going to try lowering the reduction on Thursday and see if we can’t get away with making it faster.

Team 1559 has a similar idea. we use a cloth with a pneumatic piston in each corner. This way we can dump in all 3 directions. Sorry i don’t have a picture.

That is duck tape on the wheels, the motor on the canvass is slower than we would like and we are currently working on a faster model for San Jose. This seems to be a very effective design this year based on what Ive seen of teams like #20