pic: 1519 & 78 - Coopertition Balance at GSR 2012

In match 54, Team 1519 (Mechanical Mayhem) and Team 78 (Air Strike) balanced the Coopertition Bridge.

With these two wide robots on the bridge, does it look like a third wide robot might be able to squeeze on there for a 3-robot balance? We’re not sure, but we’d sure love to be on an elimination alliance with two other wide-format robots to see if it can be done!

Wide orientated drivetrains with reasonably skilled drivers will be in high demand at eliminations!

Is that a piece of CHAOS under the bridge on the left side?

It looks like a reflection of CHAOS from the blue bridge. You can see the MC’s shirt reflected there as well.

You can see CHAOS balanced on the blue bridge behind 1519. Its a reflection of their side panel.