pic: 1519 Hurdler

After testing out both SpeedRacer and their hurdle 'bot in Thursday’s practice rounds, 1519 decided to go with “Fezzik.” He went 8-2-0 during the qualifiers, and ended up seeded 4th. We were honored to pick teams 126 (again!) and 1307. We were knocked out after playing FOUR semifinals against the 1 seeded alliance.

He is capable of crossing three lines during hybrid as well as four hurdles and a place at the end.

So what exactly prohibited you from going with both and switching out between the two? Was it the bumper rule? Or the flagholder rule?

Neither… We presented it on the Q&A but it was to late for the regional.

Watching video on soap I was very VERY impressed by this robot. 4 hurdles and a cap and good auton, look out whoever comes next on your list.

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yea I checked it out last night, thanks