pic: 1519 robot as of last tuesday

22 inches long
15 inches wide
36 lbs
20 feet per second
6 seconds a lap

I love it. I wanted to do that.

Do you have more bumpers planned?


I can’t wait to see the flag holder in this one…I will really look like an RC car!


Yes we do. this is our practice drive base. The final one has more bumpers.


we didn’t take any video when we drove it on Tuesday, but maybe ill try to shoot one soon.

you need more bumpers… but yea, good idea

20 FPS?!?!

Is that really the robot you are going to use at competitions and if so that is awsome.:smiley:

needs a flagholder :rolleyes:

other than that, it’ll be interesting how many laps you guys can fit in, good luck.

that is exactly what we wanted to do!! but our mentors talked us out of it.

Nice robot, little small but understand its for speed, though your 6 sec per lap may be doubled or tripled in time because track will be pretty crowded :stuck_out_tongue:

All you need now is a suspension system and some high traction tires

I love the 20 FPS. But will you really be able to do that the whole time with 5 other bots and the balls on the field?

It would be wonderful to see the completed thing in a video, if at all possible. As a rookie team this year, we are very interested in seeing other robots, and would like to know how you managed to pull this off. We would like to know how you plan on mounting your flag holder, how your steering is done (car steering?) and what does your robot look like underneath? Thanks!

We’ll be glad to get some video and pics for you tomorrow… I should be able to do that, but we still have to finish the final version of this bot as well as some other things…:slight_smile:


20 FPS like ours.
But I’m pretty sure you accelerate crazy fast.
And if that’s an Ackerman Steering System,
Good luck to the rest of its class :wink:

I say, bravo for staying so weightless. We could only manage a 60 (with battery and bumpers). And you managing a 36 lb? That’s just insane.


" You see me rollin’ "

6 seconds per lap?

At kickoff, the driver of 330 with a very nice electric RC racing car (was it 1/18th scale?) that was much faster than 20 fps was taking 7-8 seconds per lap…

Shane having an electric racing car? That’s like saying that my Aero Design planes use rubber bands! They’re gas-powered, like his car. (Unless he got another one.)

And yeah, those racecars are faster than 20 fps max. If you can’t beat the car, you can’t have 6 second laps…

Do you drift it? That would make cornering a little faster.

If that’s true then it should simply be a theoretical value.

The RC Car should reach its max speed much more faster than a robot, due to its mass.

But we’ll just wait 'til we see the blur in the video :wink: