pic: 1519 Robot Done (in LEGO CAD that is...)

wow… nice work… it is strikingly similar to what we designed lol…

Just remember that the ball is like twice the size as that one in scale. lol :smiley:

Just curious, how are you planning to get the ball onto the forklift without the bottom spurs just pushing it away?

if you keep the bottom tongs/spurs at the maximum width of your robot (for example) and lower them to the ground they will not bump the ball away.

then when you lift they will hold on to the ball since they are only 28" or 38" apart and the ball is 40" wide.


You most likely already know but to play it safe, I want to remind you that the ball you are using is by no means proportional to the size of the robot.



Are you worried about refs possibly calling that forklift as a tipping device?

looks like 179 in 2001.

This was actually a robot concept built by one of the youngest members of Mindstorms Mayhem (our FLL team). The yellow ball was the only one that was close to the right size… poof balls were way too big! Our final design should be a little different…

I have an idea. Lets everyone critique this as 1519’s final design. does it fit within your 80’’ circle? what are you using to power your gripper? where are your bumpers? how many wheel drive is it? Are you worried about tipping? What material does your gripper have on it to stop the ball from sliding? What was your final weight? how long does it take to hurdle? how much above the bar does it go? What’s your mechanism for spitting it out? Can you place at the end? Can you remove the ball?

wow that was fun


looks good guys.

good luck.

So, how’s it work?

Do you chase the ball around, until you push it into a corner, so it rolls up on the bottom platform? Then drive around to the overpass, lift it up, drive so that your grabber is over the overpass, and let the ball roll off?

You get your Lego kids involved in FRC? That’s awesome! Wish I got to do cool stuff like that when I did FLL…

Also, how do you (or the concept builder) plan on rolling up the manipulator to fit in the starting box?

Happy robot building, see ya at BAE! :slight_smile:

that’s cool…similar to our robot design

You get your Lego kids involved in FRC?

Well, 1519 does most of it’s work in the basement of student who built this, so he’s involved whether he likes it or not. :slight_smile:
As Tapoore said, this isn’t a real design. It’s entirely for fun.

I find this funny because one of our mentors who works with the FLL kids actually made a lego model of what we are building.