pic: 1523 Done.


[size=0]More photos. Make your guesses before you look.[/size]

Looks like a bomb removal bot or something of similiar nature. Out of curiosity how fast does it go?

that was done pretty fast! Did you use anything that was premade before the competition?

Would that be considered “off the shelf”?

I’m not a big fan of the score from the side strategy :stuck_out_tongue:

how thje heck?

if it is off the shelf its probally not in the allowed $ per part.

Is that a camera on your robot? You might want to get that approved by IFI…

I don’t think that is FIRST legal.

Wow! Your team is so TALONted maybe you should go into business!

I am pretty sure that is one of their previous bots that they are going to play with:) sounds like a lot of fun

haha, busted!

hahahahha wow u guys had me going but good luck to you guys

Harrumph… I’m jealous…
THEY get a full colored LCD screen on THEIR robot controls
: pouty 5 year old face:

tears up a bit how did u guys get a TALON?!?!?!?!?! and why?

hmm look like something a bomb squad would use


uuum, well i have no idea how u guys finished that so fast, either u guys are reeeeaally good, or all of it is off the shelf, neways, it looks pretty cool, good luck

Did you guys use an old robot from a past compition? It’s looks nice.
Cant wait to see it run.(If we’re at the same compition)

That is crazy…

it looks like one of Foster-Miller’s robots to me. the TALON more specifically.