pic: 1523 teaser #2

Any educated guesses out there?

A ball shooter?
A ball collecter?
I asume you will be Hurdling, correct?

Nice teaser :stuck_out_tongue:

Roller-gripper perhaps? Maybe an angled ball elevator?

cant wait to see it on a robot…

Penn Station?

remember these aren’t poof balls…

they are bigger then the robot

Don’t worry, we have taken that into account.

Good thinking. It sucks up the ball at one end and somehow raises high enough to put over the hurdle. How will you get it to go high enough? Your going to have to deploy something, and that will be one tall robot…

Nice hint really keeps it on the don low i hope your design really works for you good luck

maybe they will have an elevator bot and just park in front of the overpass and have an alliance bot push the ball around the track after they get over

I had this one crazy idea for this year, about a big ramp robot that would allow robots to ride up it, pushing the track ball up with it, thus robots that can only push can score up top.

Because I am biased to this out of control idea, it’s all I can think of when I see this.

Too clean for Penn, but I see the connection.

A giant hurdlin’ beltway.

[offtopic] Who else is gonna be screwed royally when Penn is shut down for the strike? I really need that to get home at 10 PM during build season. [/offtopic]

Looks heavy… :wink:

“and she’s buying an escalator to . . . heaven” - Robert Plant, with some editing

hmmm, first a catapult clue, now an escalator clue - you guys seem to be getting the monopoly on inspiration from the great lifting devices from history.