pic: 1528 giving a 60 point lift in the Buckeye Eliminations

This alliance was awesome to be a part of, the best hanger at Buckeye (1126) and one of the best ramps (1528). Thanks, guys!

wow this is an awesome picture!!! i thank 1528 for doing all they could for this alliance(basically 60 point lift every match) despite having 2 blown transmissions!!! oh and thanx for the best hanger comment but idk it might have been u guys.

I’m hoping to lure both 1038 and 1528 down for the Ruckus (1528 looks like a good possiblity and may bring a couple of friends. 1038 needs a little more coaxing being that they are located all the way down by Cincy but Dave Campbell has family in Penfield so lets all cross our fingers and hope).

yeah they definitly should come!!! it would be great to see all those guys again! and climb up those nice ramps some more! and possibly get the double keeper going:D

Remember Dylan we don’t do alliance selections. We do that ranking assignment thing Kim took from Bash. You might not even get a ramp this time.

oh yeah i know that but still we might get paired one time or another or even before the comp to see if the double auton works

Yeah, I expect to have a better randomizer than what they have during the season. I think the teams will get inspired enough being there without having to have it forced on them by having to repeatedly work with the same teams over and over again.

Dylan, I second your comment of 1528; very nice ride. I think that it is fair to say that, together, we can hang with the best of them. And we saw the best of them (offense and defense) at Buckeye. The Elim’s in Cleveland were great. So much fun, some many great robots. We really appreciated running with you guys and 1528. I feel very fortunate to have gone so far. I am really looking forward to the opportunity of working with such fine teams in Atlanta.

I agree with Rick, I believe the Buckeye Regional to have been my best experience thus far in FIRST. The competition was fierce and the camaraderie was great. I cannot wait until Atlanta.

Sweet picture…Thanks 1528 for doing the best you could even though you lost both of your transmissions. You did a great job lifting our robots! I hope to see you guys at the Ruckus this year!