pic: 1529's 2011 chassis

This is the assembled drivebase 1529 will be using. AndyMark nanotubes, AndyMark mecanum wheels, AndyMark hubs, AndyMark C-base.
The electronics will sit in the middle of the frame, about 1" from floor level. We ought to get them in & get it driving by Saturday - which is obscenely early. We’re usually looking at a driving base Week 3 at the earliest.

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That looks cool! I love the innovative use of COTS items to create something truly unique.

Have you given thought to mounting bumpers? I’m not sure what the rules are on partial vertical backing (i.e. having the top of the bumper backed while the lower part is not). If you are planning on hanging them from the C-base then i’d make sure they are not only legal, but strong enough to withsand impacts as well.

our team decided to use a 6-wheeled base that only uses 2 CIMs so that we can use the other 2 CIMs for the arm

We have used the kitbot every year to hang our bumper. We always make sure that the rails are within a inch of the center line of the bumpers. We have zero problems with them.

I like this frame for its ease in assembly – it’s an excellent way to not play to a team’s weaknesses while also quickly producing something of good quality. Great job!

I love it and am proud of our CAGE partners.

I would think twice about the alumilite belly pan. It’s conductive and not as strong as you think.


I would also go with a non-conductive belly pan, plywood or plastic would be better IMHO.

That’s a great point. We’re velcroing our components down so they won’t be in contact with the conductive Al. We’ve done it in years past with good results.
As far as the strength of the material, we used it on our 2010 with no complaints.

I would love to do somthing along those lines but our team always goes for “SIMPLE” i guess it maybe because we dont have the man power to do it. :confused:

This is relatively simple lol.