pic: 1538 Teaser 1b


outside testing in a Tshirt. sunny. blah. unfair.

My team Wears coats in our workshop cause its to cold inside. That makes me jealous. ggrrrrrr… hurry up summer! (no don’t that means robotics is done and I graduate and NO MORE ROBOTICS!!!) :frowning: but i could come back and be a mentor :smiley:

Caution the diamond plate and polycarb are nastier than plywood.

is your drive train/robot on a see-saw base.

I’m guessing that by the pictures that center wheel is dropped down a bit more than the average 1/8", its a bit more like 3/16" or even 1/4"

It’s not really a see saw base as I like to say, its more of a 4 wheel drive base with 6 wheels. It tips back and forth a bit but not enough to ever really notice while driving. Works well.

Nice job 1538

they’re using the kit frame, which has a center hole slightly below the line of the rest. i don’t know how much difference it is, but it’s probably closer to 1/4" than 1/8"

The center wheel actually looks bigger, or is this an illusion from the ramp?

Actually, we have not had our wheels milled out. Currently we are using our skywheels (from this year and last year). The skywheels in the center are our new sky wheels and the ones on the front and back are our wheels from last year.

The old wheels were used last year and therefore have been worn out quite a bit.

Oh and yes, it is nice being able to work in the sun, in a t-shirt. Except when the Santa Ana Winds roll through, then it get hot during the day and really cold in the evening.

The middle hole is 3/16" below the others. It works quite well, with many different wheel types.

Ummm…Yeah so, outside in the sun, and in a t-shirt, and looks like you are very warma and not cold at all…And here on the other hand is is like 25-30 degrees and flurrying!!!lol So, enjoy your sunny weather!!!

Eh, here in the snowbelt, we just got 12" of snow. Today. (Okay, freak storm, but still, comeon!)

Hmm, I don’t mean to brag, but today we had a high of 65-ish, a low of about 55-ish, no snow, no rain… Oh and better yet, our school has an awesome view of downtown San Diego and is less than a mile from San Diego Bay :slight_smile: