pic: 1538 Wiring 2/4/2013

Any chance you could post a pic of the finished board?

I’ll probably be by at Championship to check it out anyway, but I’d like to show it to my team as an example of proper wiring. (Our electronics boards tend to end up looking like a bowl of multi-colored spaghetti)

What type of aluminum are you using for your board? Is there a specific reason for that shape of lightening patern?

This makes me cry a little inside, because compared to our electronics board, this is perfection…

My guess is 6061. There isn’t much reason to do it in anything else. The lightening pattern is something a lot of west coast teams use. It makes it really easy to route wires.

The belly pan/lightening pattern is actually inspired by 233 who used it long before 2009 when 254 and 968 started doing the same thing.