pic: 1557 2009 control board

our 2009 control board “upgraded” for Atlanta…

Now, that strap is a really good idea.
Ours was about that size, same design except that ours was metal-plate surface (not actual metal but imitation) and it had a steering wheel. My point is, it was heavy and there was a small handle at each edge on the long ends. It was really painful… I’ll post a picture soon.

Good luck at ATL.

Team 2502

Looks so nice I’d like to know what kind of strap that is and/or where you guys got it because our controls could use one =)

I stole one of my guitar straps off my acustic:D

WIN. i suppose the guitar shop down the street might have one lol.

wal-marts usually do

theres also a very heavy laptop that goes on it too

it was out for programming:P