pic: 1557 2011

our progress on the 2011 robot

Looks fantastic. It is nice to see teams going beyond 80/20 in the creation of elevator designs. Will there be any support structure for the tower higher up, or is the small support at the base sufficient?

Is that a pneumatic powered elevator I see? Looks nice but I would say your digital side car looks a bit far away (The blue thing is by the router) and the wire looks a little messy from what I can see.

the support at the base is sufficient, we just need to stabalize the sides abit more, the elevator is made from .090 aluminum.

It is not pnuematically powered, as for the electrical system, its just in there so we could get a total weight, its all going to fit on that 17x17 piece of luan monday evening.

It’s also going to have a sick black and red paint job.

what about the center of gravity, i mean, could it fall over if another bot hits it hard? and it looks heavy, the manipulator.
but real nice looking bot