pic: 1557 3rd week progress


this is our robot as of the 27th

we’re still working on the shooter that goes in front


so this is what we’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks or so…

the square aluminium in the middle of the "thresher’ goes inside of a 4in.pvc pipe with pnuematic tubing on the outside to push the ball up the “screw”

Very nice looking Archemedies screw.

Whats it’s capacity? Will the center turn when fully loaded? Whats the load rate into the shooter?

That looks awesome! Good luck!

1.it should hold 20-25 balls(depending on how much they “smush” inside the thresher)

  1. it does,(powered by a keyang)the pnuematic tubing lays flat against the pvc tube after a certain pressure point(that way we can just leave it running the entire match)

  2. one at a time right now, we dont have a lot of space to work with…

ps.the shooter rotates left and right(via a denso)

…its weighs suprinsingly little(maybe 50 pounds at the most)

…its going to have an awsome paint scheme too…

Anticipate lots and lots of full speed multi-bot collisions, including getting pile-driven from two sides at once. The frame in the picture, or somethig wrapped around it, is going to need to be sturdy enough to survive the punishment.

You might wanna make sure thats 60 inches tall

Is your robot a six or four wheel system – not sure if you have a wheel at the front edge?

I’m fairly sure it is. It’s just on a cart in the picture.

Looks like you still have some work to do. Stop posting pictures, get the robot readier, and post some more pictures!

In that order.

The majority of impact during play should occur at the bumper level…this is a welded tubular frame, hopefully it will be okay.

“Gorrilla” might have used optimistic math; I’d guess the “spinning tube of death” will hold closer to 18-20 orbit balls at one time.

i renamed it the “thresher”

4wd, we figured wheels at the front edge would’nt be needed?

its 5.5 balls around, and theres 4 levels on the spiral and they squish quite easily

ps.its 59 inches tall…

you should see how stiff it is since Craig welded, it nearly impossible to flex it:D

IF we can find pool noodles…

I really like the idea of cutting down on polycarb by only having the strip running up where the ball will touch it, also looks cool like that. cool, simple and seemingly obvious, but I hadn’t thought of it before.