pic: 1557 at robot ruckus


our 2009 robot at the Robot Ruckus/pre-ship/jam/practice event at Poinciana High School in Kissime Florida on the 14th

it was loads of fun by the way…

any questions?

our shooter Evan is all like “its good” lol

You guys were gone by the time I got there (well, only 1390, and 2023 were still left) I wish I would have been able to see the robot in action.

The robot looks great, your team has certainly improved since I first remember seeing you compete (2007), I’ll see ya’ll at the Regional. :slight_smile:

did they ever organize any matches?

we left at like 3pm i think, Barry showed up right as we were leaving

it was alot of fun, too bad not that many teams showed up(we need to do something about that:P)

our rookie year was 2005

Does anyone have any vids?

we have a bunch, Hammi just hasent got them off his camera yet

dont know about the other teams

Thanks, if anyone needs file hosting or anything. Please let me know, we can make a special page for any team for file sharing if they need it(ex: team1323.com/…). We have unlimited hosting due to a sponsor.

we post our pictures on our website(www.12voltbolt.com) we have our own server and everything so its not a big deal…

and youtube for our videos…

oh by the way RC…does the CAD software in the kit require a “good” computer? or will it run on just a normal desktop? i have an HP7550(the lake county school system sell thier previous years computers to the public, as they get new replacement ones each year)

I know that I was able to run Inventor '06 (or whatever the version was that year) on a 3-year-old ex-Lockheed laptop. Ran it the next year too, and had no problems that I know about.

If you visit the Autodesk page about system requirements you will be able to find specs. Most current computers should be able to run Inventor well.

Great looking bot btw. This really does look like a big leap in robot quality for your team. Awesome work. Just get us some vids and close up pics!

Cool, the CAD software can run on a pretty low end computer. If you post up the processor and the graphics card I can tell you for sure. Also more ram the better. If the comp doesn’t come with enough you can upgrade pretty easily and cheaply.


since 2005 we’ve never really had a strictly offensive robot, designing more for durability, but we’ve always been competative(making the regional finals every year, escpecially 2006, when we had to remove our ground harvester because we were like 20 pounds over weight and still ended up placing 4th)

I REALLY like the co-operation between teams in First(i think its why First is growing so fast)

some pics are already on the website, but we add them regularly…

videos will come shortly, in the next day or two(hopefully)

i checked the autodesk site, it’ll run on mine

Great News, and I am loving this co-operation between teams also. Teams are helping each other more it seems this year or maybe its more outspoken. Btw, loving your guys bot.:smiley:

We left Eustis at 6:45am, so we were ready to head back around 3pm. (We still have a lot of programming to do.) Wish we could have stayed longer. There were 5 other teams at Ruckus by my count, 6 if you count Host 1543. Riddler’s Revolution provided a nice place to play, but unfortunately were still working on their robot & weren’t on the field.

The teams present were (hopefully this includes everyone & bear in mind I mentor NON-engineering areas):
945 - Quiet, smooth & robust dumper (crab drive?)
1390- Low profile with a place to collect moon rocks
1557- Harvests into a spiral bin which delivers balls to a shooter
1649- Wide bot harvester, quick & very maneuverable, possible shooter to be added
2023- Brush harvester, internal “net” hammock to hold & releases balls
2797- Picked up balls & blocked, tall (& loud:) )

Thanks to everyone for the fun & to Disney, who I heard provided the regolith. It was to be moved post scrimmage to a hanger at the airport where all teams can use it with a practice bot until FL Regionals (Barry Bonzack knows details). Sorry we missed seeing you, Michelle.

945 had a linkage steering on the front wheels, it was pretty cool though

2797 got a little quieter today during our meeting =) we lowered the sound level a decent amount by trimming up our harvester mechanism