pic: 1557 crab module


Is that an AndyMark Toughbox bolted to a piece of 1/4" steel C-Channel?

If so, that’s pretty neat.

How strong is it? Do you have any more? Enough to drive around a robot?


yes, it’s a toughbox. and its not a piece of channel, it was a square tube that was left over from our 05’ robot, we just cut it in half.

we were planning to make 4…

there is ONLY ONE, we ran out of time, spent to much designing it.

it’s quite strong, all 190 pounds of me stood on it and it did not flex, consequently, its also kinda on the heavy side, somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds. we dont have a scale so i couldent get a weight. also the shaft will be cut down by about 6 inches, so im hoping for it to weigh less than 12lbs.

major props to 179 for sharing info with us, it really made it easier to see what we needed to do.


It looks very simple to build.

And I like simplicity.


it was.

when we were designing this,

I asked 179 for info about their crab drive and they sent me drawings of their modules which influenced our design quite alot. Mostly how the used the toughbox directly in the module.