pic: 1557 upgrade for atlanta

our new motor for Atlanta…

this is the new motor we are putting on our STOD for Atlanta
replaces a Keyang(5 times faster and more torque)

Its lighter too

I was wondering how other teams made adapters for FP gearbox?

Im guessing STOD stands for Stem of Death, and if im right i also guess that that is your “bristle pole” for your helix? lol

STOD means

yes its our “bristle pole”

its pushes the balls against the lexan and they ride up our spiral

We used an AM Stackerbox for that function, with a CIM, and chain reduction drive from it.

We used an FP motor for our intake roller, with a custom made “housing” (two plates of 1/8" aluminum and a plywood spacer between them) with only the first stage of gear reduction from the FP gearbox, again using chain reduction to drive the roller.

Moving all 15 balls out of our spiral hopper in 3 seconds takes some fast turning!

We just chain drove ours with a CIM on the Toughbox and awww dang, I was so close to the abbreviation lol

We thought the Keyang was going to be fast enough(was not)
And we are already using all of our CIMs…

The STOD is PVC and has a 4" cleanout on the bottom which has a 1" square hole in it,
so all we have to do it “slip” the square tube an FP under the STOD and put the tube in the cleanout and its good to go;)

thinking back…
we should have used the FP on our intake roller instead of a CIM, then we’d have it for the STOD, but o-well(just one of our design “quirks”)

we’re gonna do so much better with the faster intake rate…

Oh I love seeing improvments of robots or robot devices between competitions.

On 228 we’ve made adapters for the full FP gearbox. Aluminum hex plug drilled and broached for keyed shaft with a hose clamp to hold the plug into the FP bearbox output.

This year we pulled the first two stages out of the gearbox and one of our alumni / college mentors fabricated custom gearboxes for them.

By any wild chance, do you happen to know the dimensions of the hex stock you used for the plug?

Wouldn’t it be the dimensions of the hex on the inside of the FP output?

BTW, I can vouch for the hex type of connection; 330 has used it several times (2005, 2007, 2008). The hose clamp is in case of somebody driving the motor when what the gearbox is attached to can’t move… It’ll keep the gear pieces together enough for limited functionality until you can replace the gear.

Yes it would be.

The reason I asked is that I am at work and will not have access to any of the KOP items for more than a week. In that time period, I can have the stock ordered and in my hands by the time I get back to the school. I just need to know the size I need to order or pick up at the materials supplier.

You’re one step ahead of me; I won’t have access for about a month…

I remember it being about 1.5"-2" across, but don’t quote me on that. It’s been a while.

I made a modification to the FP transmissions. I removed the first gear and moved the motor so that in effect makes for a 3x speed and 1/3 torque. I THINK. If my numbers were right.
I documented what I did on You tube if anyone is interested. It’s a boring three part video so if you just want the numbers it’s on the third part .

Performance turned out to be great!

I also milled octagonal aluminum inserts with the hose clamps and a slotted 1/2 inch axle so I could use 1/8 inch key stock to make everything work together.


Just measured ours. It’s 1.5" Hex.

Excellent, thanks!!

Pretty good memory there my friend.:slight_smile:

Now all I need to do is find out if our local supplier carries it or if I need to order it from McMaster. At $35 bucks a foot, I hope I can find it locally for less.:o

For our conveyor we moded the gearbox by removing the final reduction and making a new output shaft in the second stage reduction. I THINK I have a picture somewhere…I shall find it…
We used this in order to run this. Its really easy to do if you have the shaft extension at hand.

I know a good gearbox series for the fisher prices are the bane bot transmissions.

Yeah, we used the FPs with the banebots gearboxes this season for our acquirer and conveyor. to do this you will need to remove the pinion that the FP comes with and press on one of the banebots ones, and then cut down the shaft. This is definitely worth it however, because the banebots gearboxes are far easier to mount than the FP gearbox in the KOP, and come in a wide variety of reductions.

That’s what we had to run our spiral originally almost identically. We had our brushes attached to the 1x1 though.

We upgraded to a AM toughbox in a custom housing with a Fischer in an AM planetery to speed it up though because it was too slow.