pic: 1557 with Chairmans Award


here’s all but 3 of our team,At the Florida Regional after we won the chairmans!!!

we placed 11th, and got picked to play with 945 and 1902…

even though we lost in the quarters(5th time in a row)…
Chairmans is better…

i’d forgotten how big our team actually was, we seem alot smaller…

Huge congrats to your team, what an amazing accomplishment for a first time Chairman’s submission. I look forward to reading your essay some day.

I emailed copies to Sal from MARS Team 1523 & James with 1902 Exploding Bacon at their request. When I get a chance I’ll see if I can figure out how to post a copy here on CD.

Great Job! It’s very impressive to get it your first time! Keep doing what youre doing :slight_smile:

Sounds a lot like our team. We finished 11th and got out in the quarter finals. Then we won Chairman’s!


Congratulations to 12 Volt Bolt on your commitment to excellence - both in the competition and to the greater mission of F.I.R.S.T!


Congrats from team 1745 The P-51 Mustangs! Ironically almost the same thing happened to us! We seeded 11th, got picked by the number 7 seed and lost in the quarterfinals!

Winning the very first Dallas Regional Chairman’s award was nothing short of incredible though!

It’s been an amazing experience for us. This past year has been a wild ride, it’s the first time we’ve applied for Chairman’s and even worked over the off-season. We are extremely proud of this baby.

Major, major congrats. 12 Volt Bolt is officially “Mega Awesome”!

Congratulations!!! You guys were amazing. just for future, you guys should have a list of 24 teams to pick from if you are in the top 12. Rank them by who you want the most, then cross them of as they are called. It’s also good to have someone in the stands with the same list and they will hold up a sign with who they have on their list, just to double check.

Haha, well at the beginning of saturday we were actually pretty low on the list… didnt expect to make it to the top twelve, we actually arent a big enough time for an effective scouting team anyway

Same with us, we had 3 scouts, two fo which were drivers one was an alumni. Bob, the alumni, knew his stuff really, really well and that helped.

actually we had like 6 people that were “scouting”…

saturday morning we were in 35(±) place, so they decided to stop scouting… but me and Zach brought us back to 11th;)