pic: 1559 Robot Progress


Robot’s finally coming together… All we need is a hopper.

great job guys wish we were that far along the design process, we are just getting our pieces machined lol. looks like everyone got the same memo about the JUGS machine style shooter. good luck to ya :slight_smile:

where will the hopper go? also how does the balls go from the belt-hopper-shooter?

I would hope you’re sheilding your RC… That’d be nasty to see it take a direct hit from a poof ball at 12m/s… =)

Otherwise, rather nice robot… Looks pretty light. Know how much you weigh right now?

ForgottenSalad I would hope you’re sheilding your RC… That’d be nasty to see it take a direct hit from a poof ball at 12m/s… =)

i think that it is a rule that u have to protect you shooter with something or else they will deem your robot “unsafe”, but dont trust me cuz im not to sure

Wow, very nice. I agree with ForgottenSalad, it does look pretty light, which is a good thing. How accurate is the shooting?

The hopper will go at the same level as the top of the lift. The balls will exit the lift by deflecting off of the metal bar at the top and they will them enter the hopper and then the shooter.

Gota love that minitec stuff, we had a lot of their stuff on our robot in 04’ we just didn’t get the proper stuff fro a drive base and we suffered until we fixed/dubbed it properly. but it looks like ya got the right stuff. I love that honeycomb stuff too, i found it secretly in our storage and now i see them using it again this year.

Yeah, minitec is awesome, plus it is literally right around the corner from our school so its perfect. I’m thinking it is going to be one of those things that keeps reappearing on our robots every year. Its not too expensive, its light, strong, and it looks really cool. They help us out a lot, and they have anything you will ever need when it comes to structure building. As you can tell, we really like it. The Shadow Claw was literally all minitec except for the kit chassis, and the same this year. Its just perfect–enough said.

What kind of wheel is that in the front?

All my team used was 6 high-traction wheels. (AND ENOUGH GREASE ON THE TRANMISSIONS TO LEAVE A BLOOD-LIKE :eek: STAIN ON THE SHIRT OF ANYONE WORKING ON THE PNEUMATICS (which it did :mad: )) Oh well, just another war story…

very nice, the shooter looks top notch, and it also looks like it has verticle aim, I likey

wow, really nice. Looks clean and efficient, light yet strong.

Anyways, so those bars you used are minitec? Always thought you guys made them.

Wheels in the front are 4" spherical casters–They move in any direction with no catch. Good stuff. Yes, we get our bars from minitec. We don’t yet have the resources to build them. The most we can do is cut it to size and stick it together. Yes, it also has vertical aim, too. Once the camera gets hooked up and we get a hopper she should be ready go to.

Yes, there is a rule, or at least I am sure there is one, I just can’t seem to find it right now. There is something about shielding “pinch points”.

Yes, we know about this rule. Like last year, the robot goes together before we start the protection and stuff. All that will be taken care of before shipping. No worries, we’re working on it! :slight_smile: