pic: 1559 shooter pic

Here is our shooter design. We were able to fire balls at the maximum constraints the rules allowed. Please post your thoughts.

are those motors not mounted yet? they seem to be not parallel…
btw how much does that way? is the beefiness required? with that at the top of your robot… moving the CG up pretty high,
and i see wires too many… hmm…

Chill out man…

Kreag seems to be, like many other people, very excited about their almost finished design. Don’t shoot him down because it isnt a carbon copy of what you have. It may be heavy, but I’m sure his team considered that when deciding on a design to persue.

Good job 1559, and best of luck!

Looks sweet, what are you using to attach the motors to the skyway wheels?

yes please share.

To be completly honest. i am not personally working on that aspect of the robot so i do not know. All i do know is it is mounted on the turret and it does work.