pic: 1565 Linkage Drive System

This is a full shot of our new Linkage Drive System


Please ask specific questions and I will try and respond to them (there is a lot for me to remember, so questions are easier lol :D)

I watched the video, very ingenious design. I would like to see this bot in compedtion. I’m glade you were able to mount gards around the wheels. Only problem is that it looks heavy. Are you just runing laps?

I too loved your video.

I suggest you get out the rivet gun and ditch all of those bolts. That will save you a ton of weight.

we are within weight by 19 pounds, including our arm system (yes we are hurdling) +/- extra supports

I’m curious as to why you are using omni wheels…

because switching postions at high speed with traction wheels cause robots to tip over lol :stuck_out_tongue:

That and omnis give it a cool “Drifting” effect

i wasnt aware drifting was a good thing… solve that problem and you will have one heck of a drive train!

i dont mean drifting as in it doesnt drive striaght, it coasts around corners, its actually good for the competition lol

Are you guys sure that fits in the box??:confused:

wait just saw the video:)
hes a tiny thing lol

the outside shell is actually 27 3/4" by 37 3/4" so we are as big as safely possible. the video only shows the inside frame!