pic: 1565 Twitch the missing Linkage Underbelly

This is 1565’s final robot design. Her name is Twitch, and she sports the fabulous Linkage drive system, that is taking the world by storm lol :stuck_out_tongue:

See her tests at http://youtube.com/watch?v=f6PKY8SyvDM

Questions/ comments welcome


So simple, yet so innovative.

Wow! Great idea!

Wish I could watch the video… (youtube blocked)…

Had to think on it a minute, but great linkage! Must have saved a ton of weight/complication.


Excellent implementation.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that for 45 Deg. for a year now.
You make 90 Deg. look easy :slight_smile:

I assume you use a basic skid steer control method, with the ability to flip the wheels. Do you use software or driver training to make driving that easy?

That looks like a 2" cylinder…
Do you have to be careful not to use too much air?


driving it is really easy (I drive it :D) I use a 360 controller, using one of its joysticks and the “A” and “B” button. Software makes it easy to drive, but it does take some getting use to so that I remember that when I’m driving sideways, forward on the joystick turns the robot right :stuck_out_tongue:

We only have that cylinder and a really small cylinder at the top to use, so air is not a problem, and we only need to use 30psi to move it so we get roughly 7 or 8 switchs in a row before it can’t do it anymore. The cylinder is overkill, but when we don’t use air for anything else its better to have something we can for sure say will move the linkage, instead of using the very minimum (which we tested as a 3/4" bore 6"stroke, and that worked pretty good)

OMG. i am in love.
this is so simple, so effective, so amazing!

is there a patent registered for that drive system?

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if only lol… It would be wonderful to see others use the design for the next years, it would mean a lot to me as well as the rest of the team! It would mean we made a difference in the FIRST community!! :D:D:D

i will sure suggest that idea as my favourite one. Abslolutley amazing, i’ve been staring at the pic and video for about 20 minutes. Your drivetrain might make my girlfriend break up with me :smiley:

lol. Well thats one thing we wouldn’t want to happen lol! Go ahead and love our idea, but don’t ruin your life for it lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno…it sounds a bit iffy lol.

as far as the software is concerned, it’s the same as regular tank drive, except in the sideways mode, i just change from the right and left motors being synchronized, to the front and back motors. also, instead of using the joystick y-axis, it uses the x-axis (any programmer who has done tank drive will know what i mean).

but, ya, the linkage is awesome; we ran into a few clearance issues but got them taken care of. also, we have an autonomous mode that should be able to pass 3 lines in the 15 seconds.

see you all at the Waterloo and Greater Toronto Regionals!

now it passes 5 almost 6 :P:P:P (if crunching numbers means anything lol)

I love the design…Those are mecanum wheels right?..I love the simple yet sopisticated design.

they are omni wheels not mecanums :smiley: