pic: 1568 climbing 121

Count it! Also, check out plenty of Boston Regional Photos at: http://www.joemenassa.com/robotics2007.html

Alright, this one worries me a little bit, 121’s entire drive team, Me 1568’s coach and Beckah 1568’s arm operator are all looking at our robot climbing their ramp.

My brother, the 1568 driver however appears to be staring off in the other direction. I hope he knows something I don’t(ie that you can see the bot climbing on the big screen)

Ha! He does look to be watching the screen…I’ve never been a driver, but it would seem awkward to me watching the screen and trying to find the correct frame of reference. You guys did an awesome job though. Hopefully this well keep Dr. P around for another year? :slight_smile:

It was great working with you guys again.

I think Dr. P will be back for another season.

the best part is that everytime the bot made it up that ramp and it also goes to show that one should always broaden the horizon.
hopefully Dr.P or D. Piddy as we call him will want another season. if it happens ill be back