pic: 1592 All done


Ok. All done… All thats left is the mini-bot…

How long did it take to photoshop that?

What do you mean that’s a powder coat they are our neighbors. We just drove it out of their shop one day… Now we are finished xD

Only about 10 min. I didn’t worry about the shadows so they are all off. I was bored and had some spare time so this happened. lol

I like the fact that your robots have a consistent color scheme and you seem to keep them in good shape.

are they functional?
Do you leave the controller on board as well? what about Jaguars, motors etc?

The only robot we have up and running in it entirety is the 2010 robot, which is not in the picture. The rest would take at least a day of work to get them back up and running again. We try as hard as we can but sometimes they just end up getting used as test platforms. Thanks they are the kids school colors. Fitting for a tiger if I do say so myself. lol

2010: Josephine(not seen) perfect working condition
2009: Frank(Helix) helix motor is blown but can still drive
2008: Xena(big claw robot next to crate) can still drive but tower motors are blown
2007: Larry(the different color orange robot with 1592 on the tower) pretty much stripped for parts except for arm, claw, chassis, wheels.
2006: Molly(not seen) disassembled for metal and parts and more lab space
2005: Bob(not seen) disassembled for metal and parts and more lab space

don’t steal 233’s robot. ::ouch::

looks good I like it