pic: 1592 Lunacy robot


90% complete but still works extremely well

dude post a better quality pic, please. u cant tell what anything is. :confused:

I can see a spiral (storage), a front loader at the bottom, an electronics panel at the back, and something resembling a shooter up near the top.

I also see no apparent bumper rule violations. (Unless your front panels are less than 6", but they’re sure close to that if they are short.)

The original seems to be a thumbnail version. Chillax.

But yea, a higher res pic would be nice. From what it seems, spiral loader, and a nice shooter up top. Looks purdy too.

i know…:smiley:

I’m just givin my guys a hard time :wink:

then dude, you know what to get me for my birthday then now dont ya :smiley:

curse those low res. pre-now cameria phones

We will just call this a teaser. yeah! right a teaser…lol

My phopne is horrible and i am sorry for it lol

planning on getting a better one

It looks good, if it was a better quality, I would be able to see more. I can tell from the photo, you are either going with dumping or shooting

so yall gonna have time to get it powdercoated this year? if so ur doing black right?