pic: 1595 Official Teaser

The last teaser from 1595 before we start showing off real photos.

(and yes, we know the bumpers are illegal in that picture)

Is it made of Win?

I know 1625 has used it for years. Kinda expensive though don’t you think?

I spy with my little eye… A Swerve Drive?

Yeah, pure Win extract is the largest portion of our budget this season. It’s been a little tough to find enough suppliers to sources us with the amount we need…

Wow looks like a beast robot, I see a swerve or ackerman, and a shooter?

Swerve and shooter, but what lies between?

hmmm maybe some sort of flux capacitor for time travel?

well, there’s probably going to be a collector at the front, a hopper of some sort (since the shooter’s at the back I’m guessing it will be similar to 968’s hopper in '06), and a conveyor system to convey balls to the shooter (polycord?)

Easy, just look at our 2006 robot. Can’t blame you, it was quite a design :stuck_out_tongue:

That might actually make some sense… I’m guessing Craig helped on that robot?

Very very close! You forgot one part, though!

Erm. Flip it upside down, remove some unnecessary components, use lighter/more powerful belting, and make the entire system about 30 pounds lighter, and yeah, exactly! :smiley: