pic: 159's FP Gearbox (w/ extra!)

This is our first year our team has really made our own gearboxes. Inspired by the other teams who have used the stock FP gearbox first stage, we made our own to fit in our frame. The gearbox is inside the same 1.5" X 3" tubing that we have used for our entire frame, making it easy to put anywhere.

And the extra!:

Looks awesome! Nice robot, too!

What will your gearboxes power? They look like they have room for 4 motors total.

The gearboxes have 4 holes because if for some reason the plastic gear fails we can switch it out with the CIM-sim set. One gearbox w/ 550’s powers our lower set of conveyors and ball intake, and another w/ FP’s powers our upper conveyors and roller.