pic: 1604/1390 Wins Badge-A-Minit.com contest!

Almost all teams give out buttons in the pits to hand to other teams. My friend suggested we use Badge-A-Minit buttons, so we designed them and made about 300. This summer I was on their website drooling over their Badge-A-Matic when I saw a contest. $100 gift certificate to a customer that uses buttons in a creative way. I’d say getting publicity through trading with other teams in a robotics pit is fairly creative. Plus we got James Kenedy and Jeb Bush to wear our button! They dedicated a portion of their website to us on their customer comments link, which you can see here


Who else here uses Badge-A-Minit products?

Congrats Barry! This is excellent. =) tears up So proud!! sniff sniff :wink:
I’ll see if I can talk to my team about Badge-A-Minit this year. If not, then next year! =D Good job 1390 and 1604!

yes, yes. good job and good luck on your new team this year… see ya at regionals!

Congratulations to Barry and the whole Harmony team! That’s awesome…

I know SPAM has used Badge-A-Minit in the past. I was just thinking, getting a button company like Badge-A-Minit or a local one to sponsor a robotics team would be wonderful. Is any team sonsored by a button/badge company?



Good luck this season!!! And good luck to all around the globe!

I am curious as to what other teams on Chief Delphi also use Badge-A-Minit buttons to use as handouts? What other ways do teams use their button makers?

In 1998, I looked at all the buttons I collected and a sizable majority were badge-a-minit buttons.

Congrads to 1604/1390!

We use Badge-a Minit, too. As stated above, LOTS of the Firsters do.

Oh sure… the one year we don’t use Badge-A-Minit products, and it’s a big hit… :rolleyes:

Just kidding. Congratulations.

This year we chose to go a different route, and had these in Atlanta: