pic: 1604 Adopt-A-Highway

Team 1604 Has been working on adopting a highway since the beginning of the school year, and we finally have our sign up and were able to do our first clean up session today…even though our last day of school is Friday(9-13-05), we continue to work as a team to improve our community.

The Robotics team formed a partnership with the National Honor Society this week and invited them to help out for their one community service project this year. NHS has had trouble getting off the ground this year, and their induction ceremony was on Monday (5-9-05).

The hurricanes want their impact on the community to be a Category 5

You guys are amazing, but are you sure you’re really team 1604? I don’t think I’ve seen Barry without his “hurricane hat”!

Great work!

barry w/o his hat…wow! lol

barry you do soo many amazing things w/ your team helping out in the community… you are such a great person and friend…hats off to you and 1604!!

great job again for reaching out 1604!!

this must be a photoshop-ed picture, as i have heard from several reliable sources that barry’s “dork dome” is permanently attached to his head. my sources suggest it is a result of an accident at the umbrella factory.

Wow… you guys beat us to the punch. Our Adopt-a-Highway is Saturday! Great job guys!

What, no website address on the sign? :wink:

Good job guys!

See if you can tell me what is in my left hand :smiley:

The next picture we took I was wearing the hat, but believe it or not the overall picture wasn’t as good, so I decided to post this one instead. There was a roar of laughter when I pulled the hat out of my pocket.

Thanks all for the kind words, we had to end the school year with a bang and I am joyed with the amount of people that showed up to help. Surprising, it was a fun experience, just similar to going on a walk with 19 of your friends.

FIRST = Awesome

adopt with the hat.JPG

adopt with the hat.JPG

muhahah! it’s the hat!

Adopt-A-Highway is an excellent idea!!!

BTW- what route or highway is that? (in case I’m in the neighborhood…)

This is on the east side of Saint Cloud on US 192. The sign is on the corner of US-192 and Old Hickory Tree Rd.

In all honesty Adopting a Highway is not an idea 1604 can take credit for. I’ve heard many teams have done this, and is a great way to give back to the community while making the team noticeable with a sign every driver must pass. I got the idea from team 48 and printed out the information and suggested the idea to our teacher who was a huge help in getting all the paperwork filled out.

If you are ever going to be in the neighborhood, be sure and let me know!

I’ve heard about this time after time from you, BB. I must say I’m jealous…the crazed people at our Adopt-A-Highway center were evil this past summer and never got back to us. Meh I’ll pester 'em this summer :wink:

I’m so happy to have seen this, it’s great what you’ve done with 1604. From your inspiration, I’m sure they will continue to change the world and make it a much better place, not to mention keep the FIRST spirit flowing through Harmony High! =)

Well done, Barry. You deserve the recognition you’re getting here and in other places. Keep it up! (Stupid to say, since it seems like you have no intention of stopping anytime soon!)