pic: 1618 - Done!

This is Capital Robotics’ 2007 robot, currently unnamed. Drive is 6WD with AndyMarks using big and small CIMs, geared for a cruising speed and a ludicrous speed–sort of a mix of 1293’s drive system from last year with some 179/1889/1902 thrown in. Not the most innovative, but it gets the job done. The arm is two-jointed; the first stage is a CIM geared down through sprockets and a BaneBots, while the second stage is a window motor. The arm is designed to make it physically impossible to exceed the 72" envelope, provided the arm stays on the front side of the robot. The end effector was inspired by 125’s from the Winter War Zone footage, while the material choice is, obviously, inspired by 71. It might be a bit too fast; we’ll see come Palmetto.

What weight class is it in?
Can’t wait to see it at Palmetto.

Good job guys. So which part of it is 179?

It’s a five-foot robot, currently right around ten pounds underweight. (We took the robot over to 1293’s shop, since they have a scale. It read 96 pounds at first, which I really thought was a zeroing problem–it wasn’t. So I stepped on the scale to make it read 126 and snapped a picture to bring back to the team. They bought it. ;))

The ridiculously fast part, of course! Well, and the wheels are smaller than 1618’s past robots, getting closer to the size y’all ran in 2005 (ours are 5.5" as I recall), although that’s largely a function of us receiving smaller wheels in the KOP and not really having resources, time, or desire to make or buy six smaller wheels when we could just get two more KOP ones.