pic: 1625 electric hobo campfire @ wisconsin regional. bitter cold wait to enter, voila! a new winovation

We have a very similar load tester. I need to remember to do that in Minnesota. I heard a report that the temperature will be 19 degrees.

edit: lucky 777 post

Very creative! :slight_smile:

he he he, I forgot how cold it can get up there. What part of Wisconsin are you guys from?:yikes:

This is outside the venue thursday morning for the milwaukee regional i believe. Winnovation is actually from Winnebago illinois (nothing to do with rv’s lol)

What will they think of next!??! My fellow mentor Steve Johnson & I looked over & couldn’t believe what we saw! We had just unloaded the trailer and were waiting to be let in the arena and it was reeeeallly Wisconsin cold. Somone on the team (who shall remain nameless, look @ the pic for the electrical/programmer guy without gloves) said I know how to fix this!
Those battery load testers do put out quite a lot of heat! You’ve got to give the team credit for listening when you say think out of the box.

What fun!:slight_smile:

PS: yeah, yeah, Al, I know, the terminals aren’t taped, I’ll make them do it right next time (seems to be my new motto, sigh):yikes:

Our load tester has an anderson connector on it from the same guy who donated it.

Milwaukee is a nice town, anybody know more about the teams of that region, I visit there (Tomahawk to be specific) every summer and it would be interesting to meet some people from other teams during my summer vacation…:cool:

Tomahawk, WI or Tomahawk Scout Camp in Rice Lake? I’m pretty sure that both of them are quite a ways from Milwaukee.

lol, i dont think a hobo would be able to buy a battery. its much cheeper to start a fire in a trash can. the saint louis regional was pretty nice. the weather was good for the area…

Tomahawk as in the town, not the camp. About an hour and a half drive. Rhinelander and Minoqqua are closer anyways. So, anybody know of local teams up there?

I remember that! Except I was in the volunteer room eating hot eggs, bacon, and pototoes…

Volunteering at Wisconsin just got even better!

No. There’s nothing up there for teams. Great snowmobile trails though… Not in the summer though.

With the except of Eue Claire and Platteville, the teams in Wisconsin are all located near Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton.

:smiley: clever.

I’m sure if you had that load tester on for more than 30 seconds or so the battery was a pretty good space heater too… :yikes:


I was there, and boy was it cold that thursday morning, We got there a bit too early, and stood at the doors for almost an hour :rolleyes: