pic: 1625 Failed Lift

This is the final quarterfinals match; we tried to lift, but one of our alliance partners was not on all the way, so we tipped over instead.

This was an amazing attempt by all three teams. I was sure that 1103 would have been lifted but near the end of the lift 1625 began to tip because of the unevenness. It looked as though one of the lifter arms had not gone down flush with the floor.

it looks from the picture they might still have gotten 15 if not more points, did they get the lift and win

All three robots are touching the floor and they did lose.

ok i wasnt to sure if that structure on the ramp bot was another robot or part of theres, thats too bad they lost looks like a great alliance

Yes, it was a great alliance. We were up against the beast our first elimination round, but we tied the first match, won the second, lost the third, then lost the match this picture is from. 2022 couldn’t drive on all the way because one of our lifting forks was bent. They drove up enough to counterbalance 1103 while we lifted about a foot, then 2022 slid off, we tilted and 1103 slid off too. It was a spectacular defeat. :frowning: