pic: 1625 full extension

this is 15’ 6" at straight up height
we’ve stacked 12 on the center goal could have done more but didn’t want to hog tetras on practice field
i am trying to figure out who has the tallest or highest stacking robot
oh and we’ve never been off four wheels in a match even while high up

who is tallest or can stack the highest
we are 15’ 6"
and the highest we stacked so far was 12 on the center goal we could have done more but didn’t want to hog practice tetras

Team 836’s arm in this picture is set at just over 14 Ft. However we can adjust it to extend over 17 Ft but for capping the small goals we didn’t need it that high.

Could you post some pics of a close up of your arm? Im assuming you use a pulley but i would love to see the track for the arm. Also ive noticed their are two real differences in arms. A bunch of robots had arms mounted high up on a frame but others had them low down. Other then reducing top weight is their a reason for having them low? (sorry don’t mean to side track the thread its just that we are reviewing designs on our team)

Which robot? lol

I think 111 is the tallest…since it’s like 20 feet high.

could a 111er tell us the real height?

We placed our arm low on the bot largely because that was where the frame was - low to the ground. It gave us a lower center of gravity and enabled our bot to stay very well balanced while stacking one or two tetras.

You would have to ask Ricky Q. for pictures though, I can’t seem to find any at full extension.

in the current system.

I count 18 there.

Do previous year’s robots count?

our arm is ran off of a pulley system they are all on the inside “protected” from harm and mounted on custom pillow blocks. the drum for the cable has 2 sides one for extension and one for retraction but the drum is surrounded by washers " counterweight" i know it sounds crazy adding weight but we were around 119.8 we have one nippon desco motor turning the drum.
and at saint louis almost nobody knew how our arm extended nobody really asked that i can remember

Ive been thinking of an extending arm sort of like that. Could you maybe draw a picture of what you explained above to better visulize it?

Thank you very much

that is some serious counter balance
how much is there?

Our arm telescoped as well, but it had nowhere near that extension. Ours was good for a little over fourteen feet beginning VCU. Then, due to moisture expansion and other factors it couldn’t even lift a tetra onto a goal at nats. If you use a telescoper, don’t use HDPE sliders in it. They killed us with massive amounts of bind.

i don’t know how to enter pictures in posts but i will put on in the picture gallery some time
and there is only around 8lbs of counter balance thats the part we fine tuned for maximum weight

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WOW! I would love to see how you guys did the track for that arm… please :yikes: