pic: 1625's 2010 Robot

Steal of the draft and the 5 alliance, 1625’s robot has been fantastic ever since they added their pincher. Don’t let that rascal in the background dissuade you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course you had to post this one :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually did get one without you in the back making a face, but I thought CD should know how much of a terrible person you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren seems to make that face in most pictures, or in person a lot. I was beginning to think it was just the way his face was :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s difficult, and after saying that his reply should be something like Bacon…

Time for a comment about the robot, and not how silly Aren’s face looks!

This team really was the steal of the draft. They played such good offense, cleaning out the near zone easily and quickly whenever balls were kicked in. It was amazing to watch.

Awesome robot! I have a question. What did you use to continue lifting after time went off? Did you use the same thing as 67 did, or did you have another way to go about doing it?

Edit: Got the answer. A limit switch and gas shocks?

I was pretty happy that the #5 alliance had two robots that could hang after the buzzer. It made the win against 469 that much more exciting.

They used a set up very similar to HoT’s. HoT used 4 200 lb gas shocks, Winnovation used 3 250 lb shocks. The most notable difference in the two systems is in the release. Hot had a mechanical release on a truck latch (I believe off an Impala, but don’t hold me to that) so when they released their hanger if it didn’t hit the bar before the buzzer the gas shocks would still release.

1625 had a limit switch on their new latch (now similar to RUSH’s latch) that said when this limit switch is tripped use servo to release gas shocks. HoT therefore has a slight time advantage because they don’t need power to release, but on the other hand they also need the bump.

There was also a difference in the method the teams compressed the shocks. Winnovation used a heavily modified cable winch and HoT built their own hand crank. Both systems are remarkably impressive and effective.

Zach if you have any other questions I have detailed pictures of both.

Kudos on a great bot 1625.

If you don’t mind me asking, can you post the pictures or upload them somewhere for the rest of us as well?

  • Sunny

I’ll work with Mike to get the full res ones on Flickr. (Mike, shoot me a text message when you are done with classes for the day)

I’ll get 'em up eventually, I need either a camera cord or a card reader neither of which I have with me at school (they’re at home) so I’ll see if someone around here has something or you guys will have to wait a few days till I go home.

I’ll put them on Andrew’s Flickr, mostly because I’m pretty sure he’ll do it for me once I give him the pictures.