pic: 1625's arm control

this is the arm control we made between the midwest regional and iri since at chicago we had just put on a brand new arm. it ended up working infinitely better than what we had before (some pots on the dash). one of the team dads is a neurosurgeon and was able to get the two medical braces elbow and wrist. i bolted them together and setup the pot and switches and another team member wired it up. it actually retained the adjustableness of the medical braces for multiple users.

Nice. Our team was contemplating the effects on performance if we used an arm control system such as this one. I was just wondering but what kind of pots did you use?

thanks, vivek

We just used a standard 100k copper wound pot on it.

Do you know where you got them?

thanks, vivek

One of our mentor’s got them from his work. So im not entirely sure… Sorry


we played with the idea of something like this. Have you found any real draw backs to this?

The vast improvements in intuitiveness far outweigh any possible drawbacks. i can’t even think of any draw backs besides you have to walk forward and plug it in after autonomous.

Looks nice!

That looks awesome. I know on 548 we experimented with somthing like that a few years ago http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/21259. We were thinking about doing somthing like that again only with these analog sensors that change the resistance based uppon how much they are streched so that we could use the wrist and fingers to control certain elements of the robot.


Now, mount some large servohydraulic actuators on the joints… :ahh:

-q (who suddenly wants to build an exosuit)