pic: 1625's Tower!! ;)

Team 1625’s tower for our practice hangs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dang y’all must have made a light robot.

Our team welded the full version. I’m curious why your team did not even follow the team drawings.

Looks way too sketchy for me.

Because they’re 1625 and plan on getting 40 points by balancing their robot on the top of the tower solely supported by the hed of a bolt after scoring 72 points in autonomous by themselves, and scoring every frisbee in the human player station using full-court shots from the loading stations.

They also plan on climbing by using a WINpump.

Who said they were hanging?
Even if I wasn’t hanging, I would still want a cheap (like this) pyramid so that we could make sure we don’t hit it when shooting. It would also be nice to have if you are using it to line up with the goals in teleop and to make sure you touch the bar in the beginning of auton.

Their caption on the picture.

Awesome. Thanks for the laughs. I’m guessing that this project was meant to keep some students busy, without mentor guidance.

Wait! There are drawings?

Yeah, some people on here don’t get the jokes :rolleyes:

Good work 1625, you guys are always awesome!

Ah yes, you must have followed the cartoon version :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a cartoon version? :stuck_out_tongue:

That, or the dumpster and duct tape version.

Good to see you guys are setting the bar high this year :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me want to test just how ridiculous you can be on chiefdelphi before everyone detects a joke.

Do you guys actually need the twine cross on the floor to keep that thing upright? ._.

11 years on this forum have taught me one thing;
No one hear has a sense of humour. They take everything way two srsly.

I half to put things thru my how long will it take for CD to get it was a joke filter frequently.

Do you mind if we come over to test our climber prototype?

Awesome! We’ve been looking for a field to practice on for a while now… Mind if we stop by so we can test our 5 second 30pt climber and our new swerve drive?

You guys better get to testing that climber if you want to compete with our 1 second 30 point climber.