pic: 1626 Teaser (after)

Today we succeeded in taking off around 13lbs from our robot without compromising our abilities.

Our scale at the school is not the best…but it registered anywhere from 13-15lbs lost.

If you can see in the picture…we had an interesting time with the hole saws today.

Congrats on loosing the weight! Fine looking robot you have there :slight_smile:

One question though… how do those omni-wheels work out? Can you get up the ramp?

The omni wheels solved our “hopping with 4WD” problem and still allowed us to climb the ramp. Our back wheels have “super traction”.

I think we need to have a comparison of who has more lexan between 1626 & 177.

I’m no professional roboteer, but how are you loading that? Just human player?

No, there is a ball pickup located at the rear of the robot that works pretty well.