pic: 1629 end of season teaser

Part of our robot as of today…what do you guys think it is? (Full picture coming soon…)

How many times did you guys drop your ramps and how fast does that ramp drop?

They go down pretty fast, but the contact area with the floor is large enough it doesn’t do damage. We dropped them quite a few times.

is that some plasti-dip coating around your ramp feet and some of it rubbed off because it’s too grippy rubbing off on the carpet?

Nope, not a ramp foot.

Would this be your gripper? And did you find out that you would rather it not sticky rather than sticky?

Why the hate vs. ramps? We just scrapped our ramps 10 minutes ago!
We hope that our alliance can hold 2 robots as our scoring mechanism is incredible, yet we can’t hold others.

Trying to lose those few crucial ounces so the robot fits your weight limit!

Part of your tube manipulator? Looks like it’s attached to the end of the arm…

I wasn’t hating on ramps, I was just typing that quickly, so it came off kind of short. I definately don’t hate ramps, ours are still attached…