pic: 1634 bot...

This is what we've got w/ less than 10 days left…ouch
we had ta redesign the whole delivery and storage mechanisms
but it's comin together

What is that big black wheel for and how does it work?

I’m intrigued. Are there going to be any pictures of the launcher, or is that information confidential?

I’m kind of interested in the mystery floating globe motors!

I’m interested in the use of kitbot frame for most of the robot. Were there any particular challenges or advantages to going with it?

Either way, you’ve definitely got a bombproof robot there. Where are y’all headed this season?

You should be happy you have that much with less than 10 days left. We still have no chassis. =)

Curious looking 'bot… Where do you store balls?

wow, an I thought we were bhind but in a way, everyone is because there is always that one little thing you need to fix or change, all we have is a harvester and chassis adding to 91 lbs. without battery, pneumatics, and electronics! so yeah this week is most defiantly crunch time and endless drilling of holes. SWISS CHEESE!