pic: 1636 Give Away Design

This is the design Team 1636 is going to raster onto the dogtags we’re making with our laser. They were such a hit last year, we’re defiantly making a lot more for the Colorado Regional.

Nice Logo!!! Looks very professional, and cool at the same. I wish you and your team 1636 the best of luck at the regionals!!!:slight_smile:

What is on his arm? it looks like stripes and veins or something.

Very interesting design. We will see you in Denver. Good luck!

It’s a bionic arm!

The student who drew it 2 years ago wanted him to look really tough and muscular because the actual school bulldog logo looked like it was going to cry.(plus the bulldog had just become our new mascot, we used to be the Redskins-nickname “Reds” - but then the school got rid of it-96 years with that mascot too(Our school is currently 104 years old).