pic: 1647's pit at MAR Champs

Team 1647’s pit thir morning at MAR Champs

Are you sure that is a pit?

We were right across the isle from this! This was a great sight to walk in to in the morning. It was an awesome weekend, and congrats to all! Especially those going to St. Louis!

That is indeed a pit! Here’s a different angle.

Tote fort!

This is becoming somewhat of a MAR tradition. Whoever did this one topped 1089’s!

Team 708 and the field supervisor had a fun time pulling this together with a lot of help from Team 1712 and a few other teams.

Another classic prank at the MAR Championship. The tradition continues.

Awesome job!

Are there any pictures of Brian’s car?

I thought I saw something odd in Brian’s car yesterday during a random walk with some members of 1647 yesterday…