pic: 1648 Robot Ultimate Ascent: El Toro Rojo Diablo Magnifico

Haven’t done this yet, but here goes:
Drive base:
4 Vexpro Traction wheels with black roughtop wide base
4 Cims, 2 toughbox minis geared at 8-9 fps
1/2" ground clearance

4 Banebots Blue 3.875" wheels
Primer powered 1:1 by mini-CIM
Shooter powered 1:1 by RS 550 in VersaPlanetary housing in case of ratio changing
Window motor powered rotary feeder
Human player feeding slot on robot built to line up with bottom slot
“Photon cannon” flashlight aiming mechanism

Passive hanger profile that allows the robot to go under the pyramid

2013 Palmetto regional - 1st seed, Quarterfinalists
2013 Peachtree regional - 3rd seeded alliance, Semifinalists.

Imagery award Palmetto 2013 regional

See you in 2014.

Videos of the robot performing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNFpYq5PSoA9ywD2V1nY2OnGABzIyCjUT

Dat chassis.

You said the shooter was powered by an RS550 in a Versaplanetary. Is that one motor total or four (one for each wheel)?

It looks like its a 2 wheeled shooter with 2 wheels stacked on top of each other at each location.

I should’ve specified in the description, but you are correct. The shooter is a 2 wheeled linear shooter with each wheel being 2 banebots wheels stacked on each other. The first set is the “primer” and runs 3:1 off a BAG in the VersaPlanetary, and the 2nd set is the main shooter wheel, which runs 1:1 off an RS 550 motor. We put it in a VersaPlanetary so we could attach the motor to the banebots wheels with ease and change the internal ratio if needed.