pic: 166 in the water - 2007


This is team 166’s boat, The Mad Hatter, in the water at the Merrimack Public Library’s Annual Cardboard Boat Festival.

We took home the Junior Team Division 1st place Trophy (3rd year in a row), the People’s Choice Award (3rd year in a row), and the Merrimack Cup (2nd time out of 3 years). The Merrimack Cup race involves the 6 winners from the each of the divisions, and the boat who has the fastest time out of this race wins.

Following the Merrimack Cup race is the Sink or Float competition in which teams get milk jugs and a bunch of holes drilled into their boat and battle it out to be the last boat standing err- floating. Our boat stood up to 12 1" holes, and 10 minutes of violent splashing from 10 other boats (there were 19 boats in the race, but some sank during the races and some decided not to compete in the Sink or Float competition). So, this boat stands as our best built boat of the three.

This year’s theme is “At the Movies”. Most of you probably caught onto our “Alice in Wonderland” theme from the name of our boat. :smiley:

What a cool event - Congrats on all your awards. This is quite a unique team-building and public outreach effort, plus it looks like awesome fun! Wish I lived close enough to see it next year. Thanks for the photo.

That’s really cool!

Yeah. It is a great public outreach event. We have a reputation for building good boats :smiley:

Unfortunately this will be the last year the library is hosting it, so unless someone steps forward and takes it over this will be the last year for the races. It might also be the last year that the team competes in it because almost everyone who worked on the boat is graduating this year…

At least we went out with a bang with our best looking and most well-built boat of the three. Not to mention the fact that it didn’t go down even with 12 holes in the floor. :cool:

Congrats guys! We, too, just won our sixth straight cardboard boat race today. However, our boats are mechanical/human hybrid.

It’s awesome to see that another team does this!