pic: 166 in the water


This is team 166 at the annual Cardboard Boat Race run by the Merrimack Library as a fundraiser. The event began in 1996 and has been going on ever since.

Last year 166 competed and won the Merrimack Cup, which is given to the boat that completed the Merrimack Cup Race with the fastest time.

This year we came in 3rd for the Merrimack Cup and we came in 1st in the Junior division.

This year's boat was named after Woodie Flowers and one of our Parent mentors sent an invitation to Woodie Flowers. He couldn't come but, we got a respone from him saying that he would come if he could.

Sounds like a ton of fun…
on a side note wouldnt putting a wing on a boat make it slower because you would have more force on the water…hence a hydrofoil so you can get a much of the boat out of the water and reduce drag…just a thought

What wing are you talking about? Do you mean the wings on the rocket ship in the background? Just so you know, they cut those off for the last race. They were for decoration.

If you are talking about the spoiler on the back of our boat. That’s there for decoration.

You built a boat shaped like a shoebox, and you came in third place?

Please tell me there were more than 3 boats racing :^)

FIRST really has to hold a water based competition so students get some exposure to fluid dynamics!

The head bands are cool.

There were 18 boats.